My Dad Wilsey


My tribe allowed me to be adopted by the Wilsey Family in the mid 1970. The entire affair gave three “Indian” children a spotlight in the legal arena. My earliest recollection were rumors that “my people” were looking for the three of us, as we lived out of suitcases for a brief period of time. Eventually the tribe awarded “us three” to our cousin’s family on my mother side, she was a white Swedish women. I remember her as an angel.

Former Court house where adoption took place

Anyway, Dad Wilsey had to make plenty of personal sacrifices for us and the strain was a lot for his family. It literally has taken a lifetime to have an appreciation for the real fear he felt for losing us. Many nights he would sit the three of us down, by himself, and literally cry. He would let us know we worth all the trouble in the world.

Today I remember my Dad Wilsey who was a highly decorated war veteran of the Korean War, which left my father skeptical of government but he maintained his allegiance to the country.

I have many stories of “Pops”, and as I approach my final years I have a greater appreciation for the sacrifices he made for three children in need. I am proud to call him Dad. Without him and the guidance from him and his family, I would not be able to form my own opinion and be able to stand up for that, even if he did not agree.

He taught me to stand up for myself and learn to take care of myself because as he said “no one else is going to do it for you”.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and thanks for the confidence.

Happy Father’s Day to all men who make sacrifices for our children’s comfort today.

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