Indian Preference


There was a time I attempted to become a contractor in the community I live in. Here we have civil “tribal law” that is supposed to make sure that tribal members who live and work in the community get preference in work provided, by contract or wage. Unfortunately this time, this business took over all the major construction contracts in the community. He was employed at the casino “we own” and he is the one who would decide if I got contract work in 2010 until he retired a few years ago. He awarded me one contract and I was never was allowed to bid again and my phone calls for bids were made to be harassing. Now the person who awarded the bids then is now “retired” from our casino and is getting awarded bids as the primary contractor today!

The things that make your head spin!

I recently served as a member of the Tribal Council (2009-14) and asked if the company on this truck was fictional or a real company. The CFO told me it was fictional. I guess this vehicle is fictional as well. And there are no organizational politics that violate tribal law either (sarcastically, of course). He has not had to worry about tribal contractors since then and the tribal law works for no one attempting to become a contractor here.

Never fear outside bidders, the tribal contractor gets quashed, you’re safe here.