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Tribal Government, really pissed a guy off.

After another stroke this writer has been mighty crabby! Such is life for an aging Potawatomi, living in the US.

Politics or Politricks as some may say, frazzled my nerves.

I have recovered again…so look out.

Stories of Government corruption ya say?!

I have many in terms of tribal government structures, so hang on to your hat as learn how to use this platform more effectively.

I hope we never return to the normal opeation of government and media fooling the hell out of eveyone.

I will be writing up some controversy soon. LOL.

Stay tuned to your favorite Potawatomi website for in depth stories about tribal life.


Down with the Mask, the hell with Covid 19

I am a Native American and Swedish.

And I say the hell with mask and stop testing for a cold!

I am Leroy, I am for the sovereign Nation of Potawatomi


Face Mask Accidents and Fatalities

Returning to college and earning a bachelor in business administration has left me with a desire to research my own opinions. I find myself attempting to verify how true or factual my opinions maybe in comparison to society.

The society I live in is a “Tribal” society and many of the spiritual and ceremonial activities comprise of human contact and are impossible to attend if required to wear a mask.

Today these important activities of tribal and human existence are being threatened by government regulation, worldwide. We are being stripped of human contact and communication over media and government induced fear.

I do not argue that we spread diseases among each other and we all know to stay away from other when sick. Today governments are claiming the spread of a disease and requiring a mask to be worn in public. To satisfy the fear induced claims of this government supported health issue, we all must wear a mask.

Mask wearing can cause panic for many. I am one of those people. I can handle the panic most times but when it becomes an issue I almost pass out and have to take of the mask to regulate my breathing as I began to panic. My panic is caused by many years of abuse as well as many other people in the world.

When people panic, accidents happen.

How many accidents are being caused because of wearing a mask or even looking for a mask while driving a car or operating public transportation for others.

These statistics are very important to publish along side the growing numbers of reported deaths from the pandemic.

This information is crucial because many activities requiring mask use are also causing people pain, panic, and death due to adherence of this policy. The deaths in some cases are results of suicide. Many people are scared to visit a hospital in fear of being classified as positive for current virus as they will be subject to prevention methods being practiced by governments and its agencies through out the world.

Wearing masks is causing more issues that are not being reported and people like me are at risk of panic attacks that could result in severe injury to others.

Stress and depression are my personal causes for not wanting a mask but some have experience tramatic experiences in life and have to relive these while wearing masks and is very risky to other health and welfare.

I also believe it is dehumanizing and robbing us all of our spiritual connections to each other

I will be returning to work with the public and provide customer service to the best of my abilities. I really do not need this distraction and if a panic attack hits me I hope I am alone.

My personal opinion, masks are causing accidents and deaths, and I am going to research this deeper.

I also believe mask wearing are robbing us of something deeply spiritual when preventing human contact and faicial recognition.


Gardening for Grandma

Today was a good day for planting some more flowers around the yard. Grandma had plenty of work for us to do as we played in the dirt all day!

She was very interesting and wanted a ride to play with the dirt. I wonder why children enjoy playing in the dirt so much? I know I use to enjoy it when ever possible!

Today was a good day to make memories for young ones in a very trying time for the world.

Children are what make everything worth an effort when they enjoy and learn to appreciate life.

We did good for Grandma today.


U.S. Airman Tyrone P. Wilsey

In remberence of my beloved brother who inspired me to continue even when times were tough. I miss and love him so much.

This is my brother while serving and a photo of him and my sister in high school. He was a devoted brother and father who left behind 2 sons and 2 daughters along with his wife, their mother.

He served during “Operation Desert Strorm” and was very proud of his service and accomplishments in the military.

He was a part of the flight maintainence team and was the “Crew Chief”, which earn him a spot on the plane. Pretty cool.

His greatest thrill was being able to be taken up, given the stick and perform a double barrel roll, I believe that is what he called it, I am not sure.

My brother would be astounded at the condition of the country today, I am sure.

Rest in Peace Brother as we will meet again.


Remembering Mom

Life as an adopted child can be difficult and challenging as my sister, brother and I experienced at a young age. Our biological parents were tragically separated from us and in their deaths we were introduced to the Wilsey family. Who took all three of us in after our tribal court awarded them legal custody.

Today I am blessed with my own son and several children I help raise, who are grandchildren to my girlfriend.

Today the children offered to help me water the gardens and it brought back memories of my mother who raised me. On this day of remembering it reminds me of why I enjoy some of the activites I participate in today.

If not for my Ma Wilsey, I probably would not have this desire to gardening and even painting. As challenging as it must have been for her to bring us into the home, she was continually providing an excellent example of how to take care of the family home. This included everything from cleaning to making gardens and weeding the lawn on the weekends while the fellow played ball.

Thanks Mom for instilling some value in me to pass along.

Have a blessed day and remember all those who motivate us to care for each other.


The Scooter Spill

Recently I visited an “essential business”, which is a big box lumberyard chain store and witnessed a very terrible accident. It did not kill anyone and no ambulance was called but the response of others was pretty alarming to me.

An elderly man, maybe 70, was attempting to back up his scooter down an incline from the back of his truck. He turned to quickly backing down and liteally jumped out of the way of the cart as it was going off the side of the ramp to early. He had a very serious accident as his head hit the pavement as he landed. Very scary.

I jumped out of the truck and ran to help.

As I approached another man, in a mask, approached to investigate and stopped about 6 feet short of assisting us and adjusted his mask. Soon a young man came bye and collected a cart to see what was going on, ” Can you get us help!?” I yelled somewhat loudly as I was in disbelief no one was helping.

I checked the man out and told someone to get a manager to write up the accident. I checked head and it was fine but i am sure he was very scared as he lay there waiting for help.

I still can not believe an able bodies man and a worker never bothered to offer any assistance with the man. I got him up as he said “help me up” and he recovered and went to shop.

I still cannot believe people are so scared now, we stop short of helping the elderly in fear of our own saftey.

I believe he was looking for his mask as his basket was in the back.

Road Travel Tips for Users of Handicap Scooters

We, the Wisconsin Potawatomi

Our Tribal Constitution was formed by 47 tribal member in the mid 1930’s. A time when there was not much hope for tribal members. They formed their own tribal government with-in the the State of Michigan boundaries and often make government to government agreements with the State.

Tribal Government Office

The tribal government has an agreement with Potawatomi and Indian people that forms the basis for our National Constitution, as some may perceive the document, but non the less it is our forming documents that establishes a relation ship with the people and elected tribal government (s).

The following is an expert of our forming documents:







We, the Potowatomies residing near Wilson and Harris in Menominee County, Michigan, on lands reserved for the Wisconsin Pototatomies residing in Michigan, in order to form a representative organization, to promote the welfare of our people, to preserve the land for ourselves and our children, and to provide homes for all the Indians of this Community who need them, do establish this Constitution.

No where in the document is it stated the tribal government formed this arrangment.

Just like the US Constitution, ours begins with,

WE the Pottawatomie, not We the Tribal Government, or State Government.


Tribal employment

Well 15 months of applying for jobs that interest me I finally get the Food and Beverage Supervisor position with full benefits after a 90-day probation evaluation.

I hope these guys are ready for me again!

If it does not relate to customer service and food quality I probably am not entertaining it.

I was reminded about Facebook policies. Personally I think Facebook posts are the social media jobs to police, which they doing anyway.

There are 14 other supervisors so this should be quite a challenge if nothing else.if I apply Dad’s rules. Being productive is key and I will be contributing to the success of the tribe, even in a small sense.

See you all at the Island Resort & Casino


Dawning the Mask

The dawning of a mask presents issues for some people. These reasons can be caused from a of variety of medical, psychological and physical problems.

A recent visit to the big box lumber yard store, reminded me just how much wearing a mask disorients me. As a child I experienced several traumatic events and wearing a mask often produces unwanted panicking as I feel I am struggling to breath. Soon the feeling turns to disorientation and I have to pull off the mask or risk fainting.

It is embarrassing as an older person and probably not good for a person who has had three strokes.

When verbally forcing someone to wear a mask, remember we all have pasts and certain triggers can lead to additional health related problems.

Not everyone is stupid for refusing to wear a mask.

Most of these enforcement efforts are only recommendations as we will become sick if we contract any virus or germ.

Pollen season is upon us, let us not confuse current events with our natural response to this time of year.

And lets take it easy on mask enforcement. Some of us have serious issues when using them and become disoriented and frustrated. These two conditions can created more hazards for humans and cause death as well.


Return to Normalcy

Normalcy is different for all human beings as we journey through this life.

Today we celebrate our “return to normalcy” with a birthday party for the Mother of this household. A very popular past time in many cultures worldwide.

We may celebrate differently but Mothers bring life to the world as their birthdays seem more meaningful and special. to me.

Enjoy the Celebration

Mother Dolly Birthday Party

All Mothers are extra special on their birthday.

Thanks for watching out for us Dolly.


Green Toy House

It was a very good day and my little partner and I worked on getting the garden done. It is getting late in the season and we still have not done much but planted some seeds in the greenhouse. We plan on growing vegetables for salad and strawberries for homemade milkshakes.

My helper is growing so fast and can already use a camping saw fairly well. After some time on the saw I had him drive nails with a hammer. I was surprised at how well he was at using tools.

He is going to be quite the challenger as well. That is fine with me, if he can have use of the skill. He likes to question everything and does not leave any disciplining unchallenged with a remark. I have to smile inside as I am sure he will be very well adapted at taking care of himself.

This is all one can hope for when trying to provide some guidance to a young mind, ready to challenge the world.

Of course his younger sister has dubbed our new greenhouse, the “green toy house”, where she brought her “babies to visit” yesterday.

Today was a good day.


Tribal Government reopens tribal economy

Tribal government businesses employees returned to work today at 8 am.

Proceeds from the tribal government operations heavily support surrounding schools and communities. These payments may become stalled as the tribal businesses try to recover significant loses as it’s tribal economy was voluntarily shut down to assist in the current health crisis.

Former Tribal Courthouse

Not all business offerings are available as they will be phased in overtime to accommodate regulatory requirements of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), which regulates Indian Casinos for the Federal Government.

Expectations will be to provide employment levels to previous counts of about 850 employees, many who support families in the local counties.

The Island Resort Casino also has two golf courses and is building additional hotel space for future golfing venues.

Island Resort and Casino

For more information contact :


Smell of Spring

It is a beautiful day in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan on the Hannahville Indian Reservation.

The smell of spring is in the air and the birds are chirping loudly this morning.

A very reassuring sound in trying times.

May we appreciate life and all the gifts we have been given to be able to live in this amazing place we call Earth, were life is abundant.


Holes in Information

Yesterday I logged on to my social media account and discovered I had been dropped from a more conservative group I joined. The message they were sending really agreed with my personal views and I immediately began posting while they were still starting the page.

Today I had to clean up my pages because my pages looked like Swiss cheese with all the missing information.

It is irritating enough that social sites owners can control posts and determine our “truths” for us on a daily basis but when site administrators just drop you after you support their causes, well it leave me a feeling of division.

I shared a few of my personal posts and they were approved but maybe the last one I tried to share was not agreeable with a conservative view. I grew up in a conservative household and understand this type of view. Talking about gambling and how it heavily supports Michigan economy was not well received, is the assumption I am making.

Even when we demand unity, as this site promoted, it is odd to be dropped if ones view is not conservative enough.

How does this promote Unity?

Division is a part of life and ruins relationships, this is truth.

I miss my Brother today, we often disagreed but we stayed unified in business and were successful.

Tyrone P. Wandahsega

Peace, Unity and Brotherhood

When receiving official tribal government mail from the CEO Board of Directors of the Tribal Council Executive Officers, our letterhead includes an emblem surrounded by three words.

Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

This represents the official motto of the Potawatomi tribal government organization. This organization was established by 46 tribal members, which has now grown to an estimated membership of about 1,000 members.

First Campfire of the Season

As our tribal economy is being slowly reopened, we all should consider this a time of understanding. A time of understanding the power of people to influence the governments under which they create, live and raise families in an American culture of many faiths and people of many colors. These people are to enjoy the fruits of earth and its nature.

As the motto of the Hannahville Indian Community government’s is to seek Peace, Unity and Brotherhood, so it should also be for each tribal member and its 900 employees. This can only benefit and unify the local business economy in which we are now idle over panic, fear and undetermined regulation.

Fear can not be the determining factor as we move forward in providing for tribal members and the local Michigan economies in the Delta and Menominee counties. With an estimated payroll of 32 million in payroll and another 14 million in health, paid time off, and other benefits about 75% is distributed to non-tribal members to produce benefits to 900 tribal members and the local economy.

Peace, unity and all people and other entities, like governments, should strive for these principles to guide themselves in uncertain times. This will restore positive energy and human connection that is very much needed in these trying times.

Tribal Government Office of the Hannahville Indian Community

Be safe everyone.


Who am I taking orders from today?

Is anyone taking orders from their Creator today? You know, that unseen force that tells you what is right and wrong.

I hope so, there may be more caring and compassionate behavior from the news and governments of the world.

Have a great week!


Hannahville Indian Community – The Barn

This may turn out to be a series of articles of a personal view of historical perspective, at the Hannahville Indian Community, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There is other history to consider but this article shows the beginnings of the tribe’s success and contribution to the local economic structure for surrounding communities in Michigan. The story begins in a “barn”.

No not that story!

This story is about the development of an economic success established through gambling and tribal government growth.

Pictured above is a pole barn building the we used to operate the gaming business for the tribe. Many of us worked here as blackjack, craps, poker dealers and waitresses. We had an industrial fan to pull cigarette smoke out of the building every few hours. The smoke was unbearable at times but we continued to deal to very drunk and beligerant customers. The racial comments increased as people would lose their money but we dealt smiling and dealing. As a tribal member it was tough to listen to the terrible names customers would use.

We continued to deal in the “Barn” but moved to a more convenient location in 1994, on Hwy US 2, that leads to the Mackinaw bridge.

Please visit our Tribal Casino site at:

Our tribe contributes 5 % to the State of Michigan, in lieu of taxes and pays on an annual basis. 2 percent is spread among local counties and schools.


Whitmore shuts down tribal officials

The Hannahville Indian Community Tribal Government succumbed to the will of the state of Michigan and decided to reopen the tribal economy in six more days. Initial indications are Governor Whitmore threatened police action against Michigan residents who may support the tribal casino with their patronage. Tribal officials apparently agreed to change its plans and wait for an additional six more days. The purpose of this decision may be more politically driven than a health driven need to protect the public.

Island Resort and Casino

As tribal members conintue to wait for crucial services to be restored tribal, state and federal government officials continue to collect massive payroll checks to support their families and friends while the tribal member population wait to secure employment. This employment merely provides a poverty wage earning and many continue to suffer with depression and suicide. A much greater disease that afflicts many Indian people.

Tribal members will surely be denied the one small “per cap” payment of 400 dollars a month while tribal government has spent between 1 to 5 million in payroll investment dollars with no return for tribal members in the past few months, most of which are not tribal members. When will this stop? The Tribal Chairman and Governor Whitmore are out of touch with reality. All they have done is further damage the little income tribal members receive to pay their light bills.

The wealthy and elite can not possibly comprehend how they are ruining the future of many over a media hyped cold while depression and suicide remain one of the largest contributors to health problems in this community.

Per Cap will be eliminated in the near future.

Will these leaders contribute their payroll to an emergency assistance programs to feed and house tribal member children later? Per cap is surely destined for elimination soon.

Cultural Grounds on the Hannahville Indian Reservation

Tribal Council Reopens Economy

The tribal government has given approval to the CEO Board to resume operations for the tribal and local rural economies of Bark-River, Wilson, Gourley and Escanaba townships in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The 12-person tribal council, the governing body of the tribal community, has given the Community Economic Oversight Board authority to reopen gaming and government operations. These will include implementing health standards in the wake of the recent health concerns the world is experiencing. This allows more full-time employees to return to work.

A trucker visiting the tribes gas station during Michigan’s lock-down.

The tribal economy has a mission to improve the lives of over 900 tribal members located on land held in trust by the U.S. Congress. During the lock-down about 200 full-time salaried tribal, federal, and state government employees and primary managers of gaming operations were paid full wages. These are the top authority and the highest compensated people in the tribal economy. The tribal members deserve to have a report on the amount of payroll, insurance benefits, and board stipends paid to these governing officials.

A low estimate of the tribal government and management wage expense paid by the community funds could be made assuming the 200 “essential employees” were paid an average of 45,000 yearly. The hourly cost would be 21.63 per person.

If 200 people collected weekly checks, the tribe paid out full time wages of over $1,038,000 or more since mid-March. What percentage of those essential jobs were actually benefiting tribal members during this crisis? Is there a plan to recoup the lost production time for many of these jobs other than more regulation? If the tribal member was investing 4,300 an hour for 200 employees, what did we gain? A bigger building and more expense is what we will gain. What percentage of tribal members were essential during this time of crisis?

The tribal government should answer questions as it moves forward with its goal and mission of improving the lives of tribal members and their families who are currently living on poverty level wages even though tribal members “own” a casino.


Tribal Members are not essential?

On my reservation the tribal government is represented by four executive officers, all of whom are paid an average salary of $100,000 per year plus full benefits. . These “essential” executives have managed to secure sole authority from a 12 member council. During these times of distress these four executive officers and a host of accounting personal, who are coincidentally white men and women earning salaries and benefits well over $50,000 per year with full health benefits have become the “essential”. These people are now making plans to dispel tribal funded programs and are possibly looking at our “per cap” (tribal welfare benefits) as a first resort to secure interest in cash flow loans and construction benefits.

Where does this leave the rest of our people, who are still economically disadvantaged on many fronts?

While the tribal members have now become non-essential and non-tribal members continue to collect exuberant salaries compared to the tribal members, it is tough to say we are not living a society where those intended to benefit first, will never mature to fruition, again.

It is sad state for the world today and even a sadder state of affairs for tribal members who rely on tribal governments to provide for welfare and sustenance and fall drastically short in these times of need as the four executives and their non-tribal administrators and over priced accountants suck the life out of the payroll system meant for the tribal member, especially in times of dire need.

It is a typical example of how the tribal member has been treated by unjust chiefs and greedy administrators they hire to “look after our needs” for many generations.

What world.

Be safe All


Floundering around…

While I fumble around on my website and determine my intent. I try to remember a goal I did establish before attempting to create a website.

This was my initial goal.

Establish a resource for tribal members to increase knowledge of tribal politics governing the community and local news.

Original goal
Tribal Government Business Resort Operations

I am very passionate about the success of Tribal Members over the success of Tribal Council officers (CEO Board) economic gains in the local market. Many times at the expense of tribal members, who are only making an attempt to succeed them selves.

Tribal politics is not a new brand of government but is more influenced in structure and policy of community affairs by non-tribal members, who do not live here, and whose sole purpose is to support themselves and their own families.

Tribal members are the crux of any tribal government.

Many tribal members are still on poverty level wages while non-tribal government employees benefit timelessly.


Facebook babysitters

After posting some of the most graphically descriptive rap songs and never a warning or violation since using the social platform.

Evidently I have been reposting much false and often humorous posts, International fact checkers employed by Facebook have been repeatedly sending me notices about partially false information already posted by others.

This week has been especially scrutinized as the States in the Union began to open businesses to support themselves.

Maybe it is time to give up being babysat by a college dropout and his band on experts.


Golfing for Tribal Members

Golfing was first introduced to me by another tribal member many years ago. Although being raised in Florida I never pursued the sport until I moved back to my birthplace on the Hannahville Indian Reservation, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My fellow tribal member did not pursue the sport but I was hooked from my first “good drive” off the tee.

Today tribal members of the Hannahville Indian Community have two professional style golf courses to choose from and many tribal members play the sport today. It has become a central attraction point for our gaming operations and draws many new patrons from many parts of the US and Canada.

The tribal management hosted its first golfing tournament that includes its newest golf course called Sage Run. The Island Resort Championship style golf courses host many charity style golf outings that benefit many local non-profits not normally associated with tribal business.

As a tribal member, it was exciting and comforting to see the tribal governments business operations open for business. Our golf courses are full serviced and with well manicured greens and fairways, for an excellent golfing experience.

For more information please visit:

Proceeds from tribal operations are managed by the Commercial Economic Oversight Board or the Executive Officers of the Tribal Council.

Visit: to visit our enterprise.

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