Welcome to the Potawatomi Life website. This site is dedicated to providing tribal members access to information and opinions, often contrary to tribal government and tribal management views.

Information here is about a tribal member perspective views, personal stories and other social, legal and business activities of the tribal reservation life in Upper Michigan.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Authorized by U.S. Congress in 1988, allows the Hannahville Indian Community to become a major force in local economies across the Upper Peninsula Michigan, and Wisconsin areas.

Tribal Leadership Quotes

You will remain a commodity as long as the empire exists.

Russel Means (Lakota)

It is our job to take care of tribal members, not like them.

William McCullough (Hannahville Potawatomi)

Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only until the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money can not be eaten.

Cree Prophecy