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Hannahville Indian Community 2016 Data

Advertisements Hannahville Indian Community is a small Indian reservation experiencing more social division. With less than 400 employable tribal members living on the reservation, poverty is still an issue as more professional jobs are created. Historically most tribal government programs give preference to tribal members. Preference standards are applied in an attempt to alleviate racial, class and other discriminatory acts

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Why the Drug and Alcohol Policy does not Work.

Advertisements These are some “side-effects” of the Drug and Alcohol Policy Marijuana users turn to harder drugs to avoid detection times Increased Alcohol use leading to other health problems and death Increased use and abuse of legal drugs Increase in criminal activity to obtain prescription pills Increase in needle use to inject prescription drugs Increase in birth defects and addiction

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Reconsidering; Investments: When Objectives are not met.

Advertisements The Tribal Council has what is called a “fiduciary responsibility” to the People of the Hannahville Indian Community. The Legal definition fiduciary is:  An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money.  When the people evaluate the performance of the Tribal Council and its Executive Council, they must always

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