Tribal Member Advancement Committee – TMAC

A new job has been posted in the name of Hannahville Indian Community to assist in the development of a program that will make the present management and human resources departments more accountable to our Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO), which is a civil code that has been systematically sided stepped or manipulated to employContinue reading “Tribal Member Advancement Committee – TMAC”

Why the Drug and Alcohol Policy does not Work.

These are some “side-effects” of the Drug and Alcohol Policy Marijuana users turn to harder drugs to avoid detection times Increased Alcohol use leading to other health problems and death Increased use and abuse of legal drugs Increase in criminal activity to obtain prescription pills Increase in needle use to inject prescription drugs Increase inContinue reading “Why the Drug and Alcohol Policy does not Work.”


NOTICE There will be not be a regular tribal council meeting, this Monday, due to scheduling conflicts. Regular Meeting rescheduled for the following Monday

Reconsidering; Investments: When Objectives are not met.

The Tribal Council has what is called a “fiduciary responsibility” to the People of the Hannahville Indian Community. The Legal definition fiduciary is:  An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money.  When the people evaluate the performance of the Tribal Council and its ExecutiveContinue reading “Reconsidering; Investments: When Objectives are not met.”

Code of Ethics

The Council is currently considering a code to address the ethical standards to be applied to itself, other boards (appointed or elected) and officers it may appoint. Our community has lacked any real standards in the past and with proper implementation of this or any other legal rule we should be able to curb someContinue reading “Code of Ethics”

More Housing or More Job Creation.

The Tribal Council is considering where to allocate 1.3 million and there are two ideas that are at the fore front of the economic investment. The question that needs to be answered is who will benefit most from either investment. One plan is build a high end spa/massage parlor located in motel operations. This wouldContinue reading “More Housing or More Job Creation.”

2012 Casino Employment of Tribal Members

2012 Totals of Tribal Member Employment 89 employed 2 General Management 46 full-time 36 part-time 5 seasonal 26 members applied 29 members were hired 26 members were separated from employment

Compact Negotiations-Revenue Sharing with the State of Michigan

I was reading an article on Compact Negotiations with the State of Michigan and how they are seeking a revenue sharing plan with the 6 remaining tribes. I was honored to represent Hannahville Indian Community (Pottawatomie) during our first agreement with the State of Michigan. Although I still disagree with the concept of the FederalContinue reading “Compact Negotiations-Revenue Sharing with the State of Michigan”

Tribal Council

The Tribal Council plans to meet with the students of the Hannahville Indian School. On March 28, 2013 @ 9:30 am at the school.

Tribal Management

HIC Management   Position Tribal Member Percent Directors 21          3 14 Managers 39           4 10 Assistant Managers 7             2 29 Supervisor 55           11 20 Lead 13            1 8 TOTAL POSITIONS 135 27 20

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