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Daily Blurb

Well this opinionated writer had a rough past few weeks. In the past these feelings of “roughness” was caused because I was drinking to much at the party again!

My woman wanted 3 decks stained and the guy I am thinks that is important for relationship management. I enjoy her cooking very much.

After taking an emotional intelligence test, it indicated I tend to make more decisions from an emotional set of values.

Evidently I have learned not a thing because after my third stroke Did here is my 240 pound half-breed Potawatomi guy. Overweight is putting it mildly. Lone story short, I did not listen to Doc, because I was more concerned with her being happy.

WRONG Decision. I have been cramped up before but not at 240 pounds. I was literally struggling to walk. No appetite and sleep, for get about it.

I have heard think with your heart and l do but it cost big time.

Remember to make more rational decisions, note to selfish

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