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The Chief and I : Motion to Impeach


When the tribal government moved its operation to its present site, one of the first tribal council meetings involved a motion to impeach the tribal chairman for breaking a tribal court order. This corruption was done in 1994 and that tribal council meeting was very interesting indeed.

Back then the tribal members had a real representative looking out for their interests. William McCullough was the tribal treasurer for years and guided this community with a budget process that had serious growing pains.

The point of todays snippet of tribal corruption is there was a time I would have protected the Chief when he made huge mistakes.

Of course, he would say, ” I don’t remember and do not have to listen to you.”

I remember when the tribal council listened to me when the treasurer, a wise person to me, was ready to make a motion to impeach our dearly beloved tyrant chief.

The Chief upset the treasurer of the tribal council for letting inmates out of jail before serving their complete time for the tribal court. These inmates happened to be the Chief’s family close family members.

The treasurer recommended a motion of impeachment and I defended the Chief and offered the excuse that we may have all taken advantage for close family members.

The Cheif got a pass that day.

Of courtse he does not remember this or any of my government and administration work others claim as their own programs today.

Ah, my Cheif whom I was ready to defend to the end.

What kind of idiot was I?

He can not and will not recognize my resume for other jobs and that ruins many jobs opportunities for me.

The losing battle continues…

A Level of Trust


Children are willing to trust on a higher level.

As I was preparing the 7 year old boy for bed last night he was very happy indeed.

It was time alone with the “Grandpa” for a change and he was sure it was one of the best nights alone, as I let him play on his tablet.

He really is my cousin and I wonder how long before we tell him of his real bloodline.

On the reservation this situation is commonplace and sometimes joked about but the reallity is it can cause confusion and harm.

This child and I are so similar it makes me nervous.

We both lost our parents at around age 4, he may get to see them again, I was not that fortunate.

We both have a speech impediment probably caused by trauma. I was able to overcome it and he is working hard to do the same.

We both have an argument for just about everything.

We both are very sensitive.

I was worried about, this soon to be young man, but he is developing well and has a thing for music and math.

Hmmm. so did I.

I am a marshmallow for these children and probably would give them my life if needed.

My only regret, not being there for my own son at this age.

It was nice to know that this young man was happy and getting to spend the night in Pappas bed was the best night of his young life.

I felt pretty special!

Reaching the Pinnacle


Living in an environment where wealth and status are protected at any costs, has finally reached a pinnacle for me. Tribal members were long a concern of mine as I became involved with tribal politics in 1990.

The life has not been very nice but living under the umbrellas of a father who has murdered is not easy for anyone. Life as a tribal member is an emotional ride for many that have been in my shoes.

Yesterday I searched for help, possibly the last time, from the one of the offices that could possibly help tribal members whose sovereign rights are being handed over to tribal corporations that have no interest in tribal member success.

This story is not new and many depictions are found throughout history where tribal leaders relinquish tribal authority for short-lived power and control.

The loser in this scenario is always the tribal member, with intent on many occasions by its own leadership.

Tribal court is not a tool for tribal member problems but a problem creator as centuries of governmental abuse continue.

Civil rights are ignored and disjoined tribal members look for social relief to provide for themselves.

The demeaning of the tribal member’s character continues as we continue to lose our rights to tribal corporations composed of largely non-tribal and non-Indian people.

Oppressive tribal corporations are nothing but a transfer of wealth intended for tribal members.

Abuse, manipulation and oppressions continue at the hands of non-tribal members posing as tribal government employees.

Fighting a losing battle is terrifying but onward I go…

They just do no want to hear from you.


The Tribal Chief and his government are not treating tribal members who oppose oppression, discrimination and predatory behavior perpetuate by a Federally funded court system, equally or ethical.

Civil rights guarantees provided by tribal law and the U. S. Constitution to tribal members is systematically being stripped as non tribal members and tribal members alike overlook tribal law.

During my last term in political office I was jailed and labeled a stalker over drunk phone calls about tribal member rights and benefits being exploited.

The Michigan State Bar Association members practicing law often check to see if a court disposition is approved by the Tribal Chief and not by hierarchy of tribal and U.S. law.

During this session I told the sitting Judge I agreed with his decision but before it could be made official the defense attorney promptly gets up and says, “Let me go check with Ken (Tribal Chief).

He quickly returned and said it was ok with Ken the Chief.

Now I understand what Michael Manning meant when he told me, “Leroy, they just don’t wanna hear from you…”

That is not a fair and level playing field.

Corruption continues on the reserve where tribal members who oppose tribal chief are oppressed and labeled by an unfair system meant to provide for tribal members.

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