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Upper Michigan votes for Beau LaFave


I went out to do my lawn today and was delighted to see a yard sign my support for Representative LaFave.

The single largest reason I support this person is his acknowledgement of what tribal members and their government have done for surrounding communities here at the Hannahville Indian Community

Representative LaFave has earned my vote and respect as he has publicly supported the efforts of tribal sovereignty and recognize the value it has brought to the Upper Peninsula.

I will pledge my support to Representative LaFave and encourage my fellow voting tribal members to look for his name on the Michigan ballot.

Best wishes Representative LaFave.

The Chief and I: “If it is not your idea”


In 1994 the tribal housing construction program, of the Hannahville Indian Community/s tribal government, completed a brand new government building to house tribal operations.

This building was quite an upgrade as out first facilites were trailer homes, the first having no running water or sewage services. The Hannahville Health Center (Indian Health Service) was across the road and was the main building for bathroom facilities. The nurses were never happy in the mornings.

The building was the idea of the Tribal Chairman, who runs the tribal government and its business for the trial council.

The third building that houses Hannahville Indian Community Government Operations

After moving into this new facility the resources and bank deposits began to grow. The finance director soon approached me as the Casino board chairman and wanted procedures evaluated and improved as one of the class II games were underperforming and losing on a consistent basis.

I met with the Tribal Chairman and Tribal Adminstrator to begin disscussion about the matter.

The meeting was a flop and unproductive.

The Chief left the meeting because the topic was about accountability and casno managers were closely related to him.

For several years previous my ideas were being funded before the Chief or Tribal chairman projects. It began to infuriate him and he cooperated little with me, as we competed for tribal resources.

This meeting was no different as he exited the discussion with the comment to me.

“Leroy, you know what I think. You think if it is not your idea than it is not a good idea.”

We never reached an accountable government structure and it seems we never will realize a dream of tribal members determining their own future and fate.

Tribal Government and Management


HIC Government and Management Apr 2020

Tribal government and management are not solely of tribal members.

Those tribal members in power positions to help other tribal members often impose rules and qualifications that eliminated other tribal members.

The tribal government promotes nepotism and favoritism that is practiced community wide.

The information provided was furnished by the April 2020 edition of the newsletter sent to tribal members and interested parties.

Total numbers indicate 70 % of tribal government and management employment are NOT tribal members.

This creates a negative atmosphere for tribal members as corruption is allowed to continue to be a festering issue to tribal members.

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