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Tribal Government and Management


HIC Government and Management Apr 2020

Tribal government and management are not solely of tribal members.

Those tribal members in power positions to help other tribal members often impose rules and qualifications that eliminated other tribal members.

The tribal government promotes nepotism and favoritism that is practiced community wide.

The information provided was furnished by the April 2020 edition of the newsletter sent to tribal members and interested parties.

Total numbers indicate 70 % of tribal government and management employment are NOT tribal members.

This creates a negative atmosphere for tribal members as corruption is allowed to continue to be a festering issue to tribal members.


The CHIEF and I: Political Corruption


Anyone living in the Hannahville Indian Community or nearby.I am available for work.

Mainly yard work and odd jobs.Call or text 906-250-9747 and make me an offer.

I have applied to get work in the community and keep getting disqualified as jobs are taken by largely non-tribal members from Escanaba, Powers, and Harris townships.

These jobs are being given away by tribal members who are in positions to help other tribal members but do not want the competition of a hard-working tribal member so the obedient non-member gets the resources as they please corrupted tribal government executive officers.

I went to see the Chief executive officer, Kenneth Meshigaud, again and explained to him the treatment that I have endured here since he forced me to listen to his brother accuse me of molesting his kid in 1993. This while I was at work.

All I was doing was securing deposits for ALL tribal members and their families.

Ever since then I have been treated like poorly and very judgmentally by many in this community and people claim they are scared of me, when I would give them the shirt off my back.

I am a hard worker and produce great results. I am very productive and take breaks rarely.Any help would be appreciated.

My Chief says he does not have to listen to my problems as he has no time and does not remember. He claims to not remember any of this so I must jog his memory.

Have a nice day and keep fighting government corruption at the local and tribal levels.

Keeping Tribal Members at poverty level wages


The signs of reality are setting in from a locally governed tribal member, point of view, on the Hannahville Indian Reservation. While continuing to battle to expose tribal government corruption and how tribal members resources are being squandered. Resources availability for this tribal member continues to suffer, due to tribal government regulations and rules.

The tribal government and its hired, contracted and paid cronies continue to skirt obligations of improving the lives of tribal members. The dominant view of the tribal government is the tribal members are a resource that provide grant dollars, from foreign governments and their influences and control.

The main objective of the tribal governments grant division is too keep a majority of tribal members at or near federally published poverty level wages.

This produces a negative effect for the economic growth of tribal members as new qualifications and requirements find their way into the disbursement of resources.

Not only is this a control issue for registered tribal members but, premium jobs, paid contracts and outside experts often are the only people who meet qualifications and per-requite demands. The tribal member is pushed down so that tribal government’s official acquaintances and family members qualify for grant dollars that pay premium wages.

The decisions connected to the making of this problem, do rest on the shoulders of elected tribal member leaders.

This tribal government body is composed of fourteen (14) elected tribal members and non-voting members,that comprise the tribal council. These elected officials have established a smaller control group, called the Executive Officers (CEO Board). These five (5) tribal members and (2) two members who are not tribal members, make all the critical decisions for the tribe.

This CEO board controls all aspects of the tribe and for all intents and purposes are the Elects of this tribe.

These people are often close family to voting tribal members which creates a cesspool for nepotism and rule skirting. The probem is this activity is not helping the tribal member who has become qualified and has an experienced background.

I ride an e bike around daily and notice the grant writer, a finance employee and a few other government employees (non-tribal) come into the back door with no masks on or tempatures being checked.

It is really disturbing because these are the people who determine the policies for Indian people on this reservation and do not follow their own recommended rules for grant dollars.

It is a sign of contempt and is a slap in the face to tribal member’s who has work hard to obtain a Bachelors degree (Cum laude) and is two course short of a Masters degree (3.8 GPA) that does not qualify for jobs but has to wear a mask to get Health Services after a third stoke.

Have a great day and fight political corruption before we have no chance left.

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