Weed on the Reservation


Upon returning to the Hannahville Indian Reservation, I was surprised at how many people used marijuana on the reservation, often called weed. Although a federal crime, it is a harmless and non violent offense, most tribal members supported the use of marijuana by a overwhelming majority of tribal member voters. The tribal administration experts scared the tribal council into keeping its use illegal over losing grant status if they allowed weed smoking to become legal. These white women then created a drug and alcohol policy that effectively reduced Indian Gaming employment by about 15 percent.

Now these same folk are looking to finally legalze marijuana here after many years of approval by the people.


Tribal government or the CEO Board stand to make a handsome profit as a dispensary is being considered to open in the tribes mini mall. And they may sell liqour soon as well.

Now the experts have to address the alcohol and drug policy as they consider its use on the reservation.

So now these white women, tribal government employees, support weed because it may save some payroll dollars to pay non-tribal members high salaries. Why was it not good enough before?

It is upsetting because I am qualified to structure this business and have long promoted using marijuana over suboxeone, meth, cocaine and heroin, all major problems on the reservation since the inception of the alcohol and drug policy.

I will not get a shot at this either because I may be successful and the Cheif and his administration will get no credit for putting in the dispensary, And they should not because they opposed it all these years and held it against tribal members ruining their chances and decent pay and managent positions.

The Health Department will probably get the revenue and keep diaqualifying people so their friends get the lucrative paying jobs.

I voted against the drug and alcohol policy because it is a crutch for managers to take attention away from corrupt leader spending tribal member’s resources on themselves and others not enrolled in this tribe.

Is the tribal members going to allow leadership to use them again? It sounds like it as discussions of a dispensary are underway.

Have a good day.

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