The Cheif and I : Tribal and government pay


There’s a huge difference between tribal pay and government pay on the reservation and it stinks!

It has established a basis for tribal corruption ever since the tribal council started handing out board stipends and bonus checks given through manipulating the budget process!

This year tribal members get no bonuses or increases in available resources meant for tribal members in poverty!

No bonuses this yeah as the Cheif increase salaries for faithful cronies by as much as 10 % of their current pay.

Why?!! Coronavirus cost tribal members 5 million in unproductive and unprofessional man hours already with no end in sight!

In comparison my Cheif collects 4000 a week and I collect 100 a week.

His administration tells me to wait and puts PPOs on this writer when verifying tribal members investment.

Is this even worth mentioning? Yes as long as tribal members are being exploited by a Cheif who clearly practice the art of nepotism!

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