Workforce Restructuring


When one does not have experience in workforce restructuring and the “emotional factor” people bring to managing resources are not considered, the process is a challenge indeed.

The best intentions of management can bring out some ugly behavior in people that feel unappreciated for the efforts. A lesson learned when I was the Chairman of the Gaming Board/Commission. In those days many tribal government workers, like me, wore many different hats.

This created a huge conflict of interest in both tribal government and tribal business enterprises that continue to exist.

One of the areas the board and I developed was the human resource and marketing department. As a manager I was handed a gift from a marketing point of view.

I had an employee with the last name “Feathers” but they were in charge of the human resources. I wanted this person as a representative of the casino. He was very popular with the women as well!

I proceeded to get approval for some of the changes I made and terminated some underperforming management staff.

This left open a Marketing Director job which I felt was more appropriate being led by the Human Resource Director. The person was a perfect fit.

He was a former military person and presented himself well. He was Indian with the last name Feathers.

How much more “Indian” can you get than that?

I forgot about what he felt!

Mr. Feathers accepted the Marketing Manager job but had a few choice words for me. I did not mind, I may have been upset too.

Later Mr. Feathers explained to me how upset he was with me but after a few years he had to admit it was one of the best jobs he ever held.

Of course my Chief will never remember this and my resume makes claims only he can verify.

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