HUD Indian Programs


Tribal nations and communities enjoy a special relationship with the federal government and the HUD Indian Programs are result historical treaties and agreements made well before this writer was born

Part of this relationship requires Housing Agencies funded on Indian Reservations, to give preference to tribal members and their children.

In 1995 I was the Director of Housing programs in the tribal community. Part of my job was to explain regulation and tribal law to applicants.

One day a “white women” (blond like my mom) came in to apply for our recently approved home homeownership programs designed to reduce cost for tribal member purchase.

She asked to apply for housing and was very cordial when i handed her the housing application.

I then explained that her chances are greatly reduced as the award process gives preference to enrolled tribal members across the entire US territory.

He face reddened and she hollered, “Don’t you think that is RACIST!”. That is the mild version.

She stormed out and was never seen again.

The smart “white women” are supported very much if they have enrolled tribal children.

That is a tribal policy I supported and has been abused by many.

Tribal sovereignty and tribal members have not much in common today but we house and support many white women who bear our children.

This done with all funds from Indian Gaming, Federal, State and tribal government enterprises.

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