A Level of Trust


Children are willing to trust on a higher level.

As I was preparing the 7 year old boy for bed last night he was very happy indeed.

It was time alone with the “Grandpa” for a change and he was sure it was one of the best nights alone, as I let him play on his tablet.

He really is my cousin and I wonder how long before we tell him of his real bloodline.

On the reservation this situation is commonplace and sometimes joked about but the reallity is it can cause confusion and harm.

This child and I are so similar it makes me nervous.

We both lost our parents at around age 4, he may get to see them again, I was not that fortunate.

We both have a speech impediment probably caused by trauma. I was able to overcome it and he is working hard to do the same.

We both have an argument for just about everything.

We both are very sensitive.

I was worried about, this soon to be young man, but he is developing well and has a thing for music and math.

Hmmm. so did I.

I am a marshmallow for these children and probably would give them my life if needed.

My only regret, not being there for my own son at this age.

It was nice to know that this young man was happy and getting to spend the night in Pappas bed was the best night of his young life.

I felt pretty special!

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