Reaching the Pinnacle


Living in an environment where wealth and status are protected at any costs, has finally reached a pinnacle for me. Tribal members were long a concern of mine as I became involved with tribal politics in 1990.

The life has not been very nice but living under the umbrellas of a father who has murdered is not easy for anyone. Life as a tribal member is an emotional ride for many that have been in my shoes.

Yesterday I searched for help, possibly the last time, from the one of the offices that could possibly help tribal members whose sovereign rights are being handed over to tribal corporations that have no interest in tribal member success.

This story is not new and many depictions are found throughout history where tribal leaders relinquish tribal authority for short-lived power and control.

The loser in this scenario is always the tribal member, with intent on many occasions by its own leadership.

Tribal court is not a tool for tribal member problems but a problem creator as centuries of governmental abuse continue.

Civil rights are ignored and disjoined tribal members look for social relief to provide for themselves.

The demeaning of the tribal member’s character continues as we continue to lose our rights to tribal corporations composed of largely non-tribal and non-Indian people.

Oppressive tribal corporations are nothing but a transfer of wealth intended for tribal members.

Abuse, manipulation and oppressions continue at the hands of non-tribal members posing as tribal government employees.

Fighting a losing battle is terrifying but onward I go…

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