They just do no want to hear from you.


The Tribal Chief and his government are not treating tribal members who oppose oppression, discrimination and predatory behavior perpetuate by a Federally funded court system, equally or ethical.

Civil rights guarantees provided by tribal law and the U. S. Constitution to tribal members is systematically being stripped as non tribal members and tribal members alike overlook tribal law.

During my last term in political office I was jailed and labeled a stalker over drunk phone calls about tribal member rights and benefits being exploited.

The Michigan State Bar Association members practicing law often check to see if a court disposition is approved by the Tribal Chief and not by hierarchy of tribal and U.S. law.

During this session I told the sitting Judge I agreed with his decision but before it could be made official the defense attorney promptly gets up and says, “Let me go check with Ken (Tribal Chief).

He quickly returned and said it was ok with Ken the Chief.

Now I understand what Michael Manning meant when he told me, “Leroy, they just don’t wanna hear from you…”

That is not a fair and level playing field.

Corruption continues on the reserve where tribal members who oppose tribal chief are oppressed and labeled by an unfair system meant to provide for tribal members.


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