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Tribal Government and Federal Aid


As I mentioned in other articles, I helped restore HUD funding for the tribal government after over 20 years of being non compliant. The process was very educational for me but I also realized I was playing politics on a much higher level than the baseball diamonds I was used to as a young man in Florida.

I kept my goal of helping other tribal members.

In the end a large white man named Paul Bird stood up for me at a meeting in Chicago. This is where the regional headquarters are located for Indian Programs. It was a very special meeting for me but the person I had to send my reports to was pretty upset. Mr. Golden was my main contact at HUD, region V.

Mr. Bird delivered the tribes recover after I took a home video to the meeting. This video showed the dilapidated housing conditions many children were living under. The video stirred him as he witnessed the holes in floorboards that revealed the flooding basements below.

He was very upset and said to the group, “Why are we not helping these people!?”

I was very thankful for that large white man that day.

To me, it is not a race thing but a tribal member thing and Mr. Bird understood me that day.

The tribe received a 1.5 million dollar grant soon after this meeting.

I was making 9 dollars an hour to make application for the new funds. Never got a raise or congratulations from my Chief.

The hard part of this job was the survey I performed where an old Indian elder told me he knew my dad because he was the one who gave him the gun…

I probably should have went back to Florida at that point.

People use this against me here and it really is an uphill battle I will never win.

Where to go now?!

Keep writing I guess.

The Cheif and I: Tribal Court Protection of White Women but Non for the Tribal Member


Recently the tribal police, who are cross-deputized (thanks to yours truly), served me with a personal protection order from the tribal accounting director. The problem is my own tribal court of whom I have been begging to help with the Chief and his discriminatory and predatory behavior, that he and his family have portrayed upon me will not be heard. The Chief accepts Federal subsidies to run the court and employs his wife as the clerk.

If I file a complaint the complaint is lost, has not merit and label frivolous by attorneys of the Michigan State Bar Association.

I turned to the Michigan State Police for answers because the tribal accounting director is a white woman and the tribal court has no jurisdiction over her, civilly or criminally. She recently received protection from the tribal court for feeling threatened by this tribal member who was attempting to verify tribal member investments in tribal government payroll. The tribe government invested over 5 million in payroll cost during the recent economic shut down by the Governor of Michigan. These investments had no benefit to tribal members or its government and business operations, whatsoever,

The tribe government has not cooperated with this tribal member as this accounting director continues to benefit immensely from tribal member efforts from entrepreneurship, beginning in 1987 with Indian Gaming.

I have been attempting to have the Tribal Chief, Kenneth Meshigaud and Tribal Casino Manager, Tony Mancilla, both tribal members, to help me but they continue to use the federally funded courts to try and destroy my character.

The Chief will not even verify all the accomplishments I put on my resume, which makes me look stupid and evil.

The Federal and State government attempted to help him jail me in 1994 over trumped up rape charges. This done not once but twice.

The State Police have been the most professional to me so far and the only time I saw any person feel for my predicament was the arresting officer of the Michigan State Police.

Officer Mary G was the only person to ever apologize to me. She almost cried. I felt really bad for her as I left Marquette Michigan, where I took a lie detector test for the FBI.

The State Police did attempt to offer this tribal member help but it is out their jurisdiction.

I have to complain all over the place and still get turned away.

Tribal Members have no protection on the reservation and are feared by white women who produce many children for them.

I am tired but I have to continue on for the Tribal Member who is getting eroded from the scene of tribal sovereignty.

Tribal programs and corporations are largely “caucaian” and this is cetainly not the intended outcome of Indian Gaming.

I have to write President Trump. He may take an interest in this fact.

They do not look Indian to me but they are setting the rules and benefiting a lot more than your average tribal member.

Tribal governments should be abolished and restructured to guarantee tribal members their own resources.