Civil Code Enforcement on the Reservation


Today started off with some relief for civil complaints of a tribal member on the reservation. After 25 years of being manipulated by tribal court and government the Michigan State Police is going to attempt to help a tribal member with civil rights issues.

I have long been a “separatist”, if you will, when it comes to state jurisdiction on the reservation but after years of unjust, unfair and discriminatory treatment by tribal government officials and managers I have no where left to complain.

The officer I spoke to was very professional and took time to listen to my story. It made my entire year, probably more.

Today I feel better because my own tribal police will not look into any civil issues for me but the State of Michigan will even though there may be jurisdictional issues.

It feels good to have someone in authority make me feel like they are helping me. I have been looking for this treatment from my own tribal police for years but the tribal chief is pretty corrupt and signs the checks. Enough said on that issue.

Shout out to Col. Jeremy from the Michigan State Police for being so professional. These are the type of public servants needed worldwide.

Hats off to the Michigan State Police for returning calls and communicating with this tribal member.

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