Social media is an addiction


Addiction is a familiar topic for most and the most improved addiction is social media. Many technological communities are rising and rely heavily on social media platforms to get its products into societal uses. While viewing a recent program on a popular video streaming service, many familiar topics arose that relate to social diseases such as alcoholism.

Social Media is similar to alcoholism because in some people it causes addiction issues as they seek the next “shot” of information.

As a person who began experiencing anxiety, depression and living with alcoholic families, I am a firm believer that:

Social Media is an addiction.

Social media is causing more depression and suicide.

Social media is not worried about regulation of speech.

Social media has more protection than the people it manipulates.

Alcohol is a monster and a beast but advanced society are able to ignore the negative effects and now Social Media has joined the monster of destruction.

Social media is the divider and hider of TRUTH.

Have nice day!

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