Hannahville Indian Community Rewards Tribal Government and Management


Hannahville Indian Community – Government and Executive Payroll Increase

After months of unproductive hours of payroll investment for tribal government services and management of operating resources during the recent shutdowns, the tribal government has rewarded top management and government officials with a 10 percent increase in payroll costs for many highly compensated people for wages and salaries of this area. This may well cost tribal members an additional 5 million investment payroll costs amounting to 10 million in salaries and payroll for primarily government and management contractors.

The CFO of the tribe (non-native) is guaranteed a 3-year contract along with several other primary and key officials that work directly for the executive office of the Tribal Chairman, Kenneth Meshigaud. Meshiguad employees nearly 150 personal for government and gaming management operators. Of this 150 about 45 people are tribal members from the reservation.

70 percent of the tribal government and gaming operators of the Chairman’s government and gaming operators are not tribal members. This has created the US vs. them scenario where tribal members and employees are pitted against each other especially in social surveys conducted for studies meant to represent Indian people.

It is apparent that government operators are not employing Indian People in key areas such as the Federally funded health department which employs 90 percent non-native people. This figure is mostly comprised of white women, as the US Census labels this population of people.

Tribal members will be given a 1250 bonus for the year as part of this government and management increases.

The tribal members’ government invested in themselves again and the corruption seems to have no end in sight for tribal members attempting to secure some of these lucrative positions.

As this writer continues to fight for tribal law, white women are getting civil recourse in a court that finds this type of behavior frivolous when I report civil harassment by the Chief’s brothers and cohorts.

Corruption continues as tribal members’ resources are being squandered on a population not intended to be the primary beneficiary of Indian Government efforts.

History has not change much.

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