Tribal Politics: Scared on the Reservation


The recent pandemic has caused the world to become fearful of life and others. This problem has been in my tribal community for many years, especially after our tribal government and management have became mainly composed of white women. Some of these women do have children with men on the reservation which provides them ties to community opportunities like employment and other benefits.

Recently I set out to discover that the tribal members investment of payroll investments in government activities is corrupted. Administrators, grant writers and operations managers are all privileged to enter working areas without temperature checks or masks. These group of people happens to be many white women as they fill many accounting and other supplementing support for tribal operations.

On the third morning a tribal member, who works the reception desk, opened the back door to the administration building and asked if I needed anything. I said no and left the building complaining about the harassment. I felt insulted but later found out that a few white women claimed to be scared a tribal member was haning around the tribal government offfices. This is why I was being questioned.

I confirmed this with the receptionist, who was wearing a mask and obeying protocol set by tribal government officials.

This alarmed me as last time I scared a white women, the marketing directer, I had to sit in jail for criminal offence as a sitting tribal council member, never done before in the community. Our community has always supported white women as many Indian men have impregnated them over the years. Many tribal council members are married to white women and not the trend is attracting more white men to pursue tribal member women.

My problem is that I am scared too.

You see, my father, a full blood was married to a white women. The relationship ended in tragedy as my father murdered my mother, grandmother, both white women and himself. This event has been used by tribal government officials for many years to create an artificial fear of my intentions in this tribe.

I continue to be eliminated and disqualified while white men and women are chosen to fullfil expert roles in the commmunity.

When I attempt to find evidence or demand tribal law be enforced all of a sudden white women are scared and tribal government officials look for a means to jail this tribal member only looking to become self-sufficient and work a meaningful job that helps others.

I can not forget what my Indian father did white women, I guess it is appropriate everyone else join with me.

I am scared too with no relief in sight from tribal government made up of 70 percent non-tribal members.

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