The CHIEF and I: Political Corruption


Anyone living in the Hannahville Indian Community or nearby.I am available for work.

Mainly yard work and odd jobs.Call or text 906-250-9747 and make me an offer.

I have applied to get work in the community and keep getting disqualified as jobs are taken by largely non-tribal members from Escanaba, Powers, and Harris townships.

These jobs are being given away by tribal members who are in positions to help other tribal members but do not want the competition of a hard-working tribal member so the obedient non-member gets the resources as they please corrupted tribal government executive officers.

I went to see the Chief executive officer, Kenneth Meshigaud, again and explained to him the treatment that I have endured here since he forced me to listen to his brother accuse me of molesting his kid in 1993. This while I was at work.

All I was doing was securing deposits for ALL tribal members and their families.

Ever since then I have been treated like poorly and very judgmentally by many in this community and people claim they are scared of me, when I would give them the shirt off my back.

I am a hard worker and produce great results. I am very productive and take breaks rarely.Any help would be appreciated.

My Chief says he does not have to listen to my problems as he has no time and does not remember. He claims to not remember any of this so I must jog his memory.

Have a nice day and keep fighting government corruption at the local and tribal levels.

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