Floundering around…


While I fumble around on my website and determine my intent. I try to remember a goal I did establish before attempting to create a website.

This was my initial goal.

Establish a resource for tribal members to increase knowledge of tribal politics governing the community and local news.

Original goal
Tribal Government Business Resort Operations

I am very passionate about the success of Tribal Members over the success of Tribal Council officers (CEO Board) economic gains in the local market. Many times at the expense of tribal members, who are only making an attempt to succeed them selves.

Tribal politics is not a new brand of government but is more influenced in structure and policy of community affairs by non-tribal members, who do not live here, and whose sole purpose is to support themselves and their own families.

Tribal members are the crux of any tribal government.

Many tribal members are still on poverty level wages while non-tribal government employees benefit timelessly.

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