Dawning the Mask


The dawning of a mask presents issues for some people. These reasons can be caused from a of variety of medical, psychological and physical problems.

A recent visit to the big box lumber yard store, reminded me just how much wearing a mask disorients me. As a child I experienced several traumatic events and wearing a mask often produces unwanted panicking as I feel I am struggling to breath. Soon the feeling turns to disorientation and I have to pull off the mask or risk fainting.

It is embarrassing as an older person and probably not good for a person who has had three strokes.

When verbally forcing someone to wear a mask, remember we all have pasts and certain triggers can lead to additional health related problems.

Not everyone is stupid for refusing to wear a mask.

Most of these enforcement efforts are only recommendations as we will become sick if we contract any virus or germ.

Pollen season is upon us, let us not confuse current events with our natural response to this time of year.

And lets take it easy on mask enforcement. Some of us have serious issues when using them and become disoriented and frustrated. These two conditions can created more hazards for humans and cause death as well.

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