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Green Toy House

It was a very good day and my little partner and I worked on getting the garden done. It is getting late in the season and we still have not done much but planted some seeds in the greenhouse. We plan on growing vegetables for salad and strawberries for homemade milkshakes.

My helper is growing so fast and can already use a camping saw fairly well. After some time on the saw I had him drive nails with a hammer. I was surprised at how well he was at using tools.

He is going to be quite the challenger as well. That is fine with me, if he can have use of the skill. He likes to question everything and does not leave any disciplining unchallenged with a remark. I have to smile inside as I am sure he will be very well adapted at taking care of himself.

This is all one can hope for when trying to provide some guidance to a young mind, ready to challenge the world.

Of course his younger sister has dubbed our new greenhouse, the “green toy house”, where she brought her “babies to visit” yesterday.

Today was a good day.

Tribal Government reopens tribal economy

Tribal government businesses employees returned to work today at 8 am.

Proceeds from the tribal government operations heavily support surrounding schools and communities. These payments may become stalled as the tribal businesses try to recover significant loses as it’s tribal economy was voluntarily shut down to assist in the current health crisis.

Former Tribal Courthouse

Not all business offerings are available as they will be phased in overtime to accommodate regulatory requirements of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), which regulates Indian Casinos for the Federal Government.

Expectations will be to provide employment levels to previous counts of about 850 employees, many who support families in the local counties.

The Island Resort Casino also has two golf courses and is building additional hotel space for future golfing venues.

Island Resort and Casino

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