Holes in Information


Yesterday I logged on to my social media account and discovered I had been dropped from a more conservative group I joined. The message they were sending really agreed with my personal views and I immediately began posting while they were still starting the page.

Today I had to clean up my pages because my pages looked like Swiss cheese with all the missing information.

It is irritating enough that social sites owners can control posts and determine our “truths” for us on a daily basis but when site administrators just drop you after you support their causes, well it leave me a feeling of division.

I shared a few of my personal posts and they were approved but maybe the last one I tried to share was not agreeable with a conservative view. I grew up in a conservative household and understand this type of view. Talking about gambling and how it heavily supports Michigan economy was not well received, is the assumption I am making.

Even when we demand unity, as this site promoted, it is odd to be dropped if ones view is not conservative enough.

How does this promote Unity?

Division is a part of life and ruins relationships, this is truth.

I miss my Brother today, we often disagreed but we stayed unified in business and were successful.

Tyrone P. Wandahsega

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