Fake News


Recently I wrote an article that received many views and shares. Initially I was excited…then I began to read the comments.

Personal attacks were being hailed upon me by fellow tribal members who said I was fake news and upset with my tribal government.

They were right about the government but the fake news accusation really struck a nerve. I am not a news agency of any government and do not plan to be in the near future.

I do have an opinion and invested by own resources, earned by studying, to express that opinion to the world.

I am not a news agency of any government source and make no claim to be one.

I do share information, sometimes it may turn out to be false. Humans are fallible for some reason we all believe false information and get conned.

After-all, the world is full of “Con games” today and no one knows what the truth is anymore.

We in live in a world controlled by greed and fear. Where social media sites and Tech Giant have become our “truth tellers”.

All for money, power and your resources, and this is not fake news.

That, to me, is greed as their wealth and security continue to reap exponential benefits.

I am not fake news but I do have an opinion.

Have a great day.

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