Peace, Unity and Brotherhood


When receiving official tribal government mail from the CEO Board of Directors of the Tribal Council Executive Officers, our letterhead includes an emblem surrounded by three words.

Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

This represents the official motto of the Potawatomi tribal government organization. This organization was established by 46 tribal members, which has now grown to an estimated membership of about 1,000 members.

First Campfire of the Season

As our tribal economy is being slowly reopened, we all should consider this a time of understanding. A time of understanding the power of people to influence the governments under which they create, live and raise families in an American culture of many faiths and people of many colors. These people are to enjoy the fruits of earth and its nature.

As the motto of the Hannahville Indian Community government’s is to seek Peace, Unity and Brotherhood, so it should also be for each tribal member and its 900 employees. This can only benefit and unify the local business economy in which we are now idle over panic, fear and undetermined regulation.

Fear can not be the determining factor as we move forward in providing for tribal members and the local Michigan economies in the Delta and Menominee counties. With an estimated payroll of 32 million in payroll and another 14 million in health, paid time off, and other benefits about 75% is distributed to non-tribal members to produce benefits to 900 tribal members and the local economy.

Peace, unity and all people and other entities, like governments, should strive for these principles to guide themselves in uncertain times. This will restore positive energy and human connection that is very much needed in these trying times.

Tribal Government Office of the Hannahville Indian Community

Be safe everyone.

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