Monthly Archives: May 2020

Unity is needed

Times of crisis really bring out the “best in folk” (Sarcastically speaking).

If I do not agree with your opinion I will state why and try to convince you why I arrive at my own conclusion but if you want to attempt to demean me or talk about my alcoholism or personal problems, that is fine but do not expect a response. I am looking for intelligent conversation not a reminder of my past misgivings.

I prefer to see the Tribal members united rather than divided but the media and government-driven fear have created a new division. Which makes their campaign a success.

Staying divided is not the key to the problem. Trying to live spirit-guided is not an easy task but one worth trying.

May we all find peace and serenity soon so we can be there for one another again.

Shooting Range Practice

The tribal/Federal police operate a gun range on the small Indian Reservation in Hannahville, Michigan about 4 nights a week now. The sounds of rattling gun fire can be heard throughout the community while we are actively being spied upon for state mandated restrictions not applicable to tribes.

It is hard to explain to a 3 and 5 year old why someone has to fire guns so close to the neighborhood on a peaceful evening with a glamorous sunset. I like shooting guns too but is this really a time to be practicing with the amount of fear being spread around today? With all the technology for practicing shooting there must be a better way to practice shooting skills.

It makes me feel uncomfortable and hard to explain to children why the policeman have to practice shooting.

Of course this type of behavior is probably the new normal.

Time will tell.