Tribal Members are not essential?


On my reservation the tribal government is represented by four executive officers, all of whom are paid an average salary of $100,000 per year plus full benefits. . These “essential” executives have managed to secure sole authority from a 12 member council. During these times of distress these four executive officers and a host of accounting personal, who are coincidentally white men and women earning salaries and benefits well over $50,000 per year with full health benefits have become the “essential”. These people are now making plans to dispel tribal funded programs and are possibly looking at our “per cap” (tribal welfare benefits) as a first resort to secure interest in cash flow loans and construction benefits.

Where does this leave the rest of our people, who are still economically disadvantaged on many fronts?

While the tribal members have now become non-essential and non-tribal members continue to collect exuberant salaries compared to the tribal members, it is tough to say we are not living a society where those intended to benefit first, will never mature to fruition, again.

It is sad state for the world today and even a sadder state of affairs for tribal members who rely on tribal governments to provide for welfare and sustenance and fall drastically short in these times of need as the four executives and their non-tribal administrators and over priced accountants suck the life out of the payroll system meant for the tribal member, especially in times of dire need.

It is a typical example of how the tribal member has been treated by unjust chiefs and greedy administrators they hire to “look after our needs” for many generations.

What world.

Be safe All

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