Business & Customer Service Skills


I began working at the age of 6 years old. I worked for my adoptive father in a grocery store in Groveland, Florida. He taught me to keep and rotate inventory at an early age. Upon reaching 12 years old my father opened a restaurant with a 30-person seating capacity. I continued to do inventory for my father in this new business, but he also trained me to wash dishing using commercial equipment. I was also the bus boy on weekends. Eventually I was tall enough to cook and began working the breakfast grill and was soon cooking during peaks times as I was becoming very skilled.  He eventually sold this restaurant to open another restaurant with a bar and convention facilities. I worked this position until I became employed with a local flea market operation. My father also provided me with basic bookkeeping skills as I would tally sales receipts and balance checking books for him as well.

I eventually moved on to become the main cook in the local restaurant in of Groveland. It was much smaller than my father’s restaurants, but I was given the similar responsibilities as the cook and opened the restaurant each morning 6 days a week. After this job I moved on to work for Publix supermarkets as a bag boy and night shift maintenance.

My most enjoyable job was gaining employment with Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista Florida. This job did wonders for a 16-year-old self-esteem as I learned to pilot a 90 ft, two story ferry boat (three separate ferry). The customer service and employment training I received there has always assisted me in obtaining work later in life. They taught me many invaluable skills I still employ today.

I also worked at Shell oil company one summer in Fort Myers, Florida before beginning a job as a concrete laborer back home in Groveland.

While I attended Florida State University in 1986, I worked at Rax Restaurants for a semester. A fast food restaurant like Arbey’s

Even while learning all these different positions in Florida my brother Tyrone, who worked at the casino, would operate lawn service business in the summer where would generate amount 2,000 a summer.

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