Crackers and Cheese


      When I started kindergarten in Groveland, Florida. I never liked to eat the cold cheese for an odd reason and did not like to join in during snack time. My crackers would be eaten, and my cheese given away before everyone was done. I did not spend much time in the class and left around snack time to attend a speech therapy session with a counselor for a good part of my day. One of many counselors I would have in my lifetime. My speech impediment was not severe, but it was a problem as I was falling behind in speech development.

      During my time with the lady, who I do not remember, we would walk along paved paths and would practice speech with her. My largest speech problem was pronouncing the consonant “s”, my speech was slurred very bad and people had a hard time communicating with me. The lady was very calm and nice. I remember I could not wait to see her during the week as problems were beginning to develop at home for all three of us. It was nice to be able to feel some comfort with someone and I soon overcame my issue. It must have been quickly because I do not remember it being that long. I know I was sad when I realized I no longer needed to see her but wanted to see her for the emotional comfort. It was back to crackers and cheese with the rest of the class. My speech problem had been resolved and I moved on to first grade.

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