Tribal Government Interview Process


I am from an Indian Reservation where our government(s) have been allowed to run casinos to benefit tribal members, like myself. It is a nice benefit, if the tribal governments are actually providing the benefits to tribal members, such as employment to tribal members.

This has not been the case for me, for nearly 20 years, even though we have tribal preference standards, according to tribal law.

Today I interviewed for a job that was being conducted by the former “School superintendent” who was very recently terminated from Hannahville Indian School located on my reservation. The rumor was he was not managing properly. It is really frustrating to see a person fired and rehired into a position of management and trust with rumors floating around the community. To compound matters he secured a contracted employment position with the school in an employment position I could have secured due to tribal preference law.

As it ends up I end up end up having to interview with him today for a laborer job so he can continue program management in our school.

So much for tribal preference and improving the quality of life for poor people living on an Indian Reservation.

Hundreds of year of oppressive behavior from the Federal Government was not enough for our past tribal members, now we Tribal members have to experience similar treatment from our own tribal government, who are consequently comprised of more people who are not tribal members or Indian people.

So much for the INTENT of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.

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