The Mission Statement


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The last organization I worked for is involved in the entertainment, hospitality and gaming industries. The name of the company according to the employee handbook is the “Island Resort and Casino & Hannahville Bingo”.

The mission statement is:

“Our Mission is to be the best gaming enterprise, by providing superior customer service and quality entertainment for our customers!”

  • The statement is brief and can be easily remembered by employees. The statement is moderately impactful and provides expectations of superior customer service and quality entertainment.
  • This information is verifiable through magazines, websites and customer counts done by the marketing department. This information is highly biased and may not present problems that can be solved in the organization.
  • The mission statement is not Bound by a timeline. When will the superiority be delivered? How will it be measured? Through surveys or by a reduction in current complaints.
  • The statement does not reflect Current changes to business structure to a Resort oriented facility. The gaming enterprise has moved sharply into dining and golf experiences. The business name reflects our resort but does not match the mission of providing a gaming experience.
  • The mission statement is not Focused as superior customer service and quality entertainment is a very broad description of the services offered to customers. Resorts destinations offer many services and luxury items. What will the business do to endorse the resort mentality about the other activities and services offered at the gaming establishment?
  • This mission statement is Understandable and straightforward about the type of customer service it will provide and the quality entertainment.
  • The statement is not as Inspiring as it needs to be and is general in nature. How will the company provide new services in becoming a resort destination? The transition that is occurring in customer type has changed and
  • A stretch is not included with this mission statement. How will the golf course industry clients affect the type of gaming experience? Can the operation aspire to become more of a national or global competitor in the resort destination tourism industry?

The mission statement does not reflect any of the values included in the handbook. There is a well-documented timeline of economic growth of the Potawatomi Community but the handbook explains how the CEO board and Tribal Council govern the activities of the establishment.

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