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The Mission Statement

Advertisements The last organization I worked for is involved in the entertainment, hospitality and gaming industries. The name of the company according to the employee handbook is the “Island Resort and Casino & Hannahville Bingo”. The mission statement is: “Our Mission is to be the best gaming enterprise, by providing superior customer service and quality entertainment for our customers!” The statement is brief and can

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Tribal Members are Stockholders

Advertisements Since my introduction to global management strategies, the prevalent issue is meeting the expectations of  the stockholders. The hierarchy is simple and in general most businesses represent the interests of the stockholders first as the produce the capital. Today society is pressuring all corporations to become more socially responsible to customers, employees, suppliers and other external influences that create

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Ethics in Tribal Court

Advertisements Tribal Courts are classified as part of the courts in the US. If this is the case I often wonder how many tribal courts across the country are allowed to practice nepotism, favoritism and ignore basic rights afforded to US citizens. Due process is supposed to be about fair treatment and is a great tool to protect people who

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