Don’t Be Unique, Be Better


Don’t Be Unique, Be Better

The title encapsulates the article well as we compare this article with the VRIO framework suggested for use to evaluate resources in business strategy. The authors of the article note that while many corporations and businesses strive for uniqueness, many forget to improve existing products and services to maintain a competitive advantage. “Customers rarely by a brand because it offers a unique feature or benefit (Meehan, 2004).” People remain loyal to brands for other reasons than the product being different but due to other benefits such as customer service.

When completing an internal evaluation utilizing the VRIO framework ( (Rothaermel, p. 115) an organization can expect to find where it can provide more value in other category benefits ( (Meehan, 2004). Customer service is a highly valued benefit that is tied to a product or service but one that is rarely capitalized upon to improve a product or service. As an example, the mail ordering business has exploded over the last ten years. In order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage or a competitive advantage, returning products must be easy. By providing a way to quickly return products will maintain a category benefit for the customer and “keep them coming back”.


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