Media Convergence and Persuasion


Case Analysis.  Media Convergence: Standing Rock Sioux and the Dakota Access Pipeline



During 2016, I began watching some scenes of the “Standing Rock Sioux” activism being reported on Facebook and YouTube. This media convergence allowed many people to meet for the first time but also produced a wave of independent reporters to cover the story because the mainstream broadcasters were not making the protest of the oil pipeline construction, through an Indian Reservation, an event. The Young Turks (TYT) had a reporter named Jordan Chariton covering the story on the ground and made a short report (, showing Native Americans and other activists who were praying, in hopes to stop pipeline production. I became a follower of Jordan’s due to his “honesty” in the presentation of the “Water Protectors”, he seemed well prepared and knowledgeable. Chariton also followed the Flint Water Crisis while the Standing Rock Protests were happening. Unfortunately, Jordan was accused of sexual harassment and released from TYT. Jordan recovered quickly and addressed his accusers through the Youtube platform. He continued his own progressive reporting style while living with his father in New York until he could reestablish himself. He never gave up on his own personal mission to report the news as it is happening and soon started a company called Status Coup. This company is supported by donations he would acquire through using platforms like Patreon to publish other material. Using the Patreon platform allows him to solicit donations and charge to read his material, as well as chapters from a book about Standing Rock. I then decided to sponsor his account and began to donate 5 dollars per month. There were several options to choose from. When I made my first donation, he was at around 500 dollars. Today he is claiming to have broken the 50,000-dollar mark and has secured financing through deals made with investors and his online presence. He has progressed using these media platforms and benefits from the new media convergence, this has allowed him to send out his message and report on the news from a progressive point of view.


Sometimes we don’t know we are being persuaded as our text reminds us that it is challenging because persuasion is so ubiquitous in the marketplace and the world (Morris, 2018). While becoming interested in Mr. Chariton’s progressive style of reporting I failed to realize the persuasion, he had upon my viewing habits and become somewhat infatuated with this story. Due to his initial report I viewed on Facebook and YouTube, the Media Convergence, which is the blending or collapse of print, radio, electronic, digital forms as a dominant medium ( (Morris, 2018, p. 10) allowed Jordan Chariton ( as a TYT reporter) to reach me with his message about the Standing Rock Activism taking place in South Dakota. Mr. Chariton presented himself as an Ethical persuader or one who wishes to help others make the best choice based upon truthful information (Morris, 2018, p. 21). Jordan was able to produce a live report through social media and verified the evidence with live video and audio feeds through Facebook, which allows two-way communication, so the audience can interact. While the mainstream media and broadcast news were not covering the story, independent reporters like Jordan Chariton were still able to deliver their message to an even broader and global audience.




The primary reason for connecting with Jordan Chariton and this story was a strong influence of the hypermedia that is available to everyone today. More people use platforms like YouTube and Facebook to interact and get news and information that is not available through mainstream channels. Being able to use these types of mediums allows viewers to chose and interact with reporters or people making podcasts about other topics of interest. In this case, the original organization, TYT, uses reporters, like Jordan, to report more progressive news not always available by other means. The main reason for reporting this story was to promote activism and help Native Americans “protect graves” through prayer and vigil at the construction site. The audience was other Native American tribes, on all continents, and water protection activists. Soon after Jordan and TYT aired this story a very serious explosion of world-wide communication began happening among many people. The popularity if the protest went not being noticed to a worldwide event in a matter of hours. This was a huge success in promoting the efforts of environmentalism and protection of treaty rights afforded to Native American Tribes in the US.


To summarize, one must consider the implications and power of media convergence in society and the world. As Jordan Chariton and TYT demonstrated through using social media platforms to report the news that mainstream media and TV broadcasters were not. Before this point, there had been no real test to the power of influence theses platforms produced until this event transpired. The event ended up becoming violent and was being shown on “live-feed” through Facebook. The event became so popular that “live-feeds” were being jammed and connection issues became an issue. The event finally subsided but became very popular on a global basis for a few months as people from all over the world began pouring into South Dakota to join the protest. It really was incredible and some of the “players” in the event became very popular in the media. The event shocked a lot of people, as it exposed the level of violence that can be used against an opposing peaceful force by enforcement agencies and contractors. Media convergence is a benefit but, in this case, it cost people serious physical, mental and legal repercussions because of the nature of the dispute.



Morris, S. T. (2018). Persuasion in Your LIfe. Second. Routledge. Retrieved March 6, 2018

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