Entrepreneurs in Indian Country


Ty doing the prep work

Although the investment of cash and material were provided by the business, a lot of the labor work was done by my brother. I wanted to keep him busy as he was struggling to maintain some sense of life. Our community court was playing legal basketball with his life and would not give him a court date to resolve issues he had already settled in a Federal Court. Due to the Tribal Court and its prosecutor, my brother could not obtain employment so I provided it for him. It was a good reminder of reasons one does not work with family but then again we managed to produce some nice results after we gained experience.

My brother was invaluable to the success of my business, during its short life, but our opportunities were limited because of “legal issues” in the community. I could not get enough contracts from a 70 million dollar Casino we are “part owners” in to keep our little business going. I attempted to rely on the Tribal Law but it just complicated our success.

I sure miss him now and understand why he would get frustrated with me but we were brothers and males like to be in charge!

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