A little leadership


Empowerment and Politics

The relationship between the Larry the CEO and Ray the Manager is a new relationship for both people and makes the quick transition of power to Ray a strenuous task to meet organizational demands.

The first message to be evaluated is the CEO’s interpretation of the Larry’s leadership skills as a new manager. The CEO assumes that Larry has the self-efficacy to effectively manage a budget after only having experience as a fitness instructor. Although the text indicates that the CEO is very confident in the new managers abilities, they have not been tested and Ray as a new manager. Larry should be more relaxed with Ray because he is new and display more of a sharing characteristic as the primary leader. (Leadership 2016)

The second message is also initiated by the CEO in terms of communicating the empowerment that the newly hired manager has been delegated due to organizational protocols and needs. As the transcript repeats on many occasions the CEO constantly reminds the new manager that “I am empowering you”.  This may be appropriate for seasoned managers, but this is not the case. The CEO also has been delegated legitimate power to enforce budgetary requirements but needs to change his leadership style to accommodate the new manager and his inexperience.


(2016). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills, 8th Edition. [MBS Direct].

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