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by Leroy W.
There have been a few tribal members given this type of opportunity for education and promotion here but some of tribal members will need to go elsewhere. Here is some of the potential opportunities that having a bachelor’s degree of science will qualify me for in the future.
These are two examples one does not display wage amount. Not all internships are paid but this business policy has been changing rapidly.
I talked with my Chief and his executives but they can not offer these to more people and told me to go to the Visions center for help. There have been positions created for interns in both the legal and rehab programs in the past five years, but these were not made available to all members. They turned me away but I will continue on somewhere.
Central Michigan University    275 reviews  – Mount Pleasant, MI
$60,000 – $80,000 a year
Support Capitol Chippewa Internship Program (CCIP). Central has been a pioneer in extended learning for nearly 50 years, and its online programs for…
Dec 18
Marketing MBA Summer Internship
Plastipak is an equal opportunity employer.
Position Description:
The marketing MBA Summer Internship Program is a 10-12 week program at the Plastipak Packaging, Inc. Global Business and Technology Center in Plymouth, MI or at one of our manufacturing sites located in the U.S.  This program looks to target mid-program graduate students and acts as a preview for full-time employment and potential placement into the company’s leadership program upon graduation.
Not only does the Marketing MBA Summer Internship Program’s work plan involve daily activities, but it also includes a defined project that solves real business issues contributing to the company’s bottom line.  The host team has completed work plans defining the objectives given to the intern at the beginning of the assignment.
The internship includes the following:
  • An assigned mentor
  • An objective setting session with the intern’s supervisor
  • An interim review at 5-6 weeks
  • A final management presentation
  • A final performance review


December 2019 and 2020 MBA graduate candidates
Minimum GPA of 3.0 is preferred
Willing to travel or relocate as required


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