Tribal Member Advancement Committee – TMAC


A new job has been posted in the name of Hannahville Indian Community to assist in the development of a program that will make the present management and human resources departments more accountable to our Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO), which is a civil code that has been systematically sided stepped or manipulated to employ non-tribal members in our enterprises. This has been an issue with our community for many years and for many different reasons.

There are repeated incidents of this in our community about enrolled members being passed over for benefits such as jobs and housing, only to name a few. We have many written rules our legal and business documents boast of making sure we (all card carrying tribal members) get and have priority when selecting for jobs and contract work in the community but they are currently not being enforced. The solution to this problem is the creation of a committee and a new job that can be controlled by the legal and business departments of this tribe.

The tribal council should address the real issues and have some one held accountable for violating our civil laws. The law enforcement of this community does not deal with civil issues until it becomes a crime. We can expect no help in that area. So where do we turn to have managers, boards and committees members, who can not be held accountable for skirting rules and manipulating processes to protect their own interests, both political and personal?

The new job that has been created to assist this committee, starts off not following TERO and is implementing stricter and  higher standards to eliminate potentially qualified and experienced applicants that are enrolled members of this tribe. This is not the intent of TERO and to use this code as a backbone of this committee makes a mockery of the codes intent.

This continued elimination of tribal members and their unique experiences is nothing new in Indian country, it is just to bad we can not recognize it when it being repeated again.

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