Support people, not entities.


In 2012, my business, 5th street enterprises, proposed (bid a job) to the housing program director. The director indicated there was no funds in the current budget and it would be hard to manage that year. Fortunately I was in a position to get the housing programs budget increased by 25,000 so he could accept my proposal.

The following budget cycle did not produce a contract even though I had prepared a detailed plan to use for the following summer. Instead the increase was reallocated to another line item. I was pretty upset to say the least.

Currently I am trying to get back to cleaning our community but there is NO MONEY!

Well how did you get this?

That is the rest of that story.

I help this guys figure things out and I get the shaft.

Happy. Not even close.

And lets not mention the fact I am the one who got this program back into compliance for six dollars an hour. But they can not find the time to keep arrangements with me.

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