Patiently waiting for the other party.


When two parties make an agreement in our community there should be an outlet to get resolution if one is not living up to the agreement made. This could be considered a type of contract but since we have no implied contracts we must rely on human resources to make sure agreements are met in the workplace.

I recently made an agreement with management at our place of employment and did my part so that I could at least make enough money to pay my bills until my salaried position (which started this whole ordeal because someone did not want me on salary and put me on hourly after the budget had already been slotted for a salaried one). This was part of an on going workplace issue involving many violations of company policy and procedure I was experiencing in the workplace. Most of the behavior was harassing as information was being kept from me to make me look in adequate in my position. Eventually my former boss told me my files were out of order and it just was not working out. Truth is he knew if I was there any longer I was going to expose the millions he is wasting in our operation and how he is taking care of slot vendors interest before ours.

Well long story short. I am still stacking boxes and taking up someone else hours because management can not or will not follow through on an agreement.

Guess it is time to go to the council and tell my story to the rest of the council I have been trying to work with our executives but they feel threatened again…who knows why?

More later.

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