Reconsidering; Investments: When Objectives are not met.


The Tribal Council has what is called a “fiduciary responsibility” to the People of the Hannahville Indian Community.

The Legal definition fiduciary is:
  •  An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. 
When the people evaluate the performance of the Tribal Council and its Executive Council, they must always consider first if the assets of this community are meeting the needs or objectives of the people.
When we vote for our Tribal Council and its Executive Branch we should expect that the investments we allow our elected leaders to make for us are monitored as to how these investments have improved the lives of the people that live in our community. 
A big investment we make as a community is a court system to provide our resident members and employees a place to seek fair and unbiased judgments. If the object is to provide justice and relief on a fair and consistent basis, then the tribal council and its executive should make sure all processes are in place to make sure the objective can be met.
One way to ensure our investment is protected is establishing rules and procedures for the people employed to administer our court system. This is a must to prevent abuse of authority, conflicts of interest and lack of consistency in court judgments and probationary requirements. If we lack a way to measure and police consistency then we lack a way to evaluate our investment in the court system.
We do have other areas to consider as a community, from an investment standpoint, but the court system needs to become a priority with the Tribal Council and its Executives. 
We spend a great deal of resources on the court system but is it worth the investment, if the perception of unfairness and injustice continues to persist.

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