Code of Ethics


The Council is currently considering a code to address the ethical standards to be applied to itself, other boards (appointed or elected), and officers it may appoint.

Our community has lacked any real standards in the past and with proper implementation of this or any other legal rule should be able to curb some of the abuses and implement some accountability by those who do exceed the boundaries of their authority.

The problem with this new legislation is that the governing body or the enforcement obligation rests in the hands of the officers and creates a conflict of interest.

If we leave the officers to govern their own actions. What guarantee do we have the investigative process will be partial and fair since most of the agencies responsible for the process are in fact overseen by these officer positions.

There needs to be an ethics committee or some outside body created to act independently and uninfluenced by the officers of the council.

A committee of other community members, such as tribal elders, former council members, former board members, or other interested members should be established to enforce this code and provide disciplinary or other associated legal proceedings.

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