More Housing or More Job Creation.


The Tribal Council is considering where to allocate 1.3 million and there are two ideas that are at the fore front of the economic investment. The question that needs to be answered is who will benefit most from either investment.

One plan is build a high end spa/massage parlor located in motel operations. This would create a new draw for the customer base but we have to be certain this is where our marketing plan is targeted towards. Presently the plan is centered around busing programs that are designed to break even. Would these patrons really have the additional revenue needed to pay for a 65 dollar back rub?
The other thought is to reinvest in our current housing program and build more housing for tribal members. By following this course of action jobs, housing and population growth needed to sustain gaming operations would be realized and the positive effects it would have for the local economy.
Which idea do you like best, answer the poll provided on this blog.

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